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Lucid 9: Inciting Incident – Music, Dialogue Editing
Rules of Survival –  Music
War Song – Sound Design
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile – Additional Music, Additional Sound Design
Fantasy Westward Journey II – Cinematic Sound Design
COLINA: Legacy – Music, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing
Just Shapes & Beats – Sound Design
Fantastic Chefs – Sound Design
Overwatch Contenders Tournament – Music
Heroes Evolved – Voice Over
Arcadia – Music, Sound Design, Implementation
H1Z1 Auto Royale – Sound Design
Sounds Fun – Additional Music
Super NBA – Music
Toy Fights – Music, Sound Design
Arena of Valor – Music, Sound Design
Realm of Valor – Sound Design
Strike of Kings – Sound Design
Honor of Kings – Music, Sound Design
Full Count Baseball Trivia – Music, Sound Design
Heroes Arena – Dialogue Editing
City of Games – Sound Design, Mixing
Xuan Yuan – Additional Music, Sound Design
The Azure War: Name of the Nature – Music, Sound Design
Monster Hunter Online – Music Mixing
Drone Racing League Simulator – Sound Design, Additional Implementation
Meridian: Squad22 – Sound Design
Moonlight Blade: Romantic Destiny – Additional Music, Sound Design
Iron Knight –  Sound Design
Kubo and the Two Strings: Moon Beast Brawl – Music, Sound Design
King’s Quest: Epilogue – Additional Sound Design, Additional Mixing
King’s Quest: The Good Knight – Additional Sound Design, Additional Mixing
King’s Quest: Snow Place Like Home – Additional Sound Design, Additional Mixing
I.C.U. –  Sound Design, Implementation, Additional Mixing
PULSAR: Lost Colony – Sound Design, Implementation
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Smugglers Run – Sound Design
Splitgate: Arena Warfare – Sound Design, Implementation
Naruto Online - Sound Design
Sounds Fun – Music
Fantasy Westward Journey II – Cinematic Sound Design
Ring of Elysium – Music, Sound Design
Gods Unchained –  Sound Design
League of Legends – Sound Design
I Love You Colonel Sanders! – Sound Design
Scoutible Game – Music
Jurassic World: VR Expedition – Additional Sound Design
Blade Runner Revelations VR – Lead Sound Design
AWAY: The Bearded Vulture VR – Lead Sound Design
The Arcslinger VR – Lead Sound Design
PlanktOs: Crystal Guardians VR – Sound Design
Men In Black: Galactic Getaway – Lead Sound Design, Dialogue Editing
Dragonfrost – Sound Design
Film & TV
Deadpool 2 Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Black Panther Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Ant Man and the Wasp Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Ready Player One Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Cloverfield Paradox Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Aquaman Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Skyscraper Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Cinemark Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Altered Carbon Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Google Italy Grand Tour Spots – Sound Design
Nike “I Got Next” – Sound Design
Dick’s Sporting Goods “Sounds of the Season” – Music
Sopa Ropa: The Fashion Film – Sound Design
Pelican Hill Promo – Sound Design, Mixing
The Story of Fig – Sound Design, Mixing
Don’t Starve Gritty Reboot – Additional Sound Design
Wizards of the Coast: Kaladesh Trade Promo – Mixing
Wizards of the Coast: Eldritch Moon Promo – Mixing
Vizio Home Theatre Sound System with Dolby Atmos Ad – Lead Sound Design
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Trailer - Sound Design, Mixing

Call of Duty: Mobile Trailer – Sound Design, Music Composition

Captain Marvel Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)

Men in Black 4 Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)

Lego Movie Part 2 Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)

The Red Lantern Reveal Trailer – Sound Design

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